3 Signs You May Need a Root Canal

Black woman in a burgundy blouse cringes in pain and touches her cheek because she needs root canal therapy

“Root canal” is one term in dental care that causes more fear than any other! While the phrase might sound scary, root canals are actually virtually painless procedures performed to alleviate tooth pain and save your tooth. Here are three signs that you may benefit from a root canal treatment:

1. Persistent Tooth Pain

If you’re experiencing persistent and severe tooth pain, it could be a sign that the nerve or pulp inside your tooth is inflamed or infected. The pain might be sharp, throbbing, or shooting, and it can worsen when you bite down or apply pressure to the affected tooth. Even if the pain comes and goes, it’s important not to ignore it. Tooth pain is your body’s way of signaling that something is wrong, and a root canal might be necessary to remove the source of the discomfort.

2. Sensitivity to Temperature

Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures that lingers even after the temperature stimulus is removed could indicate an issue that requires a root canal. If you find yourself wincing in pain when you eat or drink hot or cold items, or if you experience a sharp twinge that doesn’t quickly subside, it’s time to consult your dentist.

3. Gum Swelling and Tenderness

Gums that are swollen, tender, or have developed a pimple-like bump called a dental abscess can be indicative of an infection that has spread to the root of the tooth. This infection can lead to an accumulation of pus and cause discomfort. If you notice any unusual changes in the appearance or sensation of your gums, it’s important to seek dental care promptly. Ignoring gum swelling and tenderness can lead to more severe oral health issues.

Root Canal Therapy in Elk Grove, CA

If you’re experiencing any of these signs, it’s crucial to consult a dentist near you as soon as possible. At Villa Vista Dental, our local dentist, Dr. Tin, will perform a thorough examination, which might include X-rays, to determine the extent of the issue. If a root canal is recommended, rest assured that advancements in dental technology have made the procedure more comfortable and efficient than ever before.

Remember that dental problems don’t typically resolve on their own and can worsen over time if left untreated. By addressing the signs early and seeking professional dental care, you can save your tooth, relieve pain, and maintain a healthy smile!

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How Oral Surgery Can Impact Your Smile

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Any procedure performed around or in your mouth and jaw counts as oral surgery. Surgery can address serious issues, such as tooth loss or impacted wisdom teeth. Many patients will need oral surgery at some point in their life. Here are four ways oral surgery can impact your smile:

Root Canal Therapy Saves Teeth

Root canals are a common oral surgery that allows the outer tooth structure of compromised teeth to be preserved. This procedure treats tooth infections, which could otherwise spread and threaten your overall health. Root canal treatment involves creating a small hole in your tooth and removing the infected or damaged pulp. Once the area is cleaned out, the tooth can be sealed and topped with a restoration, like a filling or crown.

Bone Grafts Strengthen the Jawbone

If you’ve lost density in your jawbone, bone grafting can restore it. Although the surgery itself isn’t painful because of modern anesthesia and sedation, you may experience some discomfort, bruising, and swelling while you heal. Bone grafts have a very high success rate.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Your wisdom teeth sit way back in your mouth. Many patients experience impacted wisdom teeth, which is when the teeth can’t break properly through the gums, or their wisdom teeth grow in crooked. These problematic teeth can cause pain, damage to neighboring teeth, and increase your risk of infection. At Villa Vista Dental, we offer nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation for extractions.

Dental Implants Replace Missing Teeth

If you want to replace a missing tooth (or even an entire arch), dental implants are the most natural tooth replacement option. After confirming you have enough jawbone density, we first implant a biocompatible post in your jawbone. As you heal, this will fuse to your bone and replace your missing tooth root. Once you’ve healed, we can place an artificial tooth like a crown, bridge, or denture on top!

Oral Surgery at Villa Vista in Elk Grove, CA

Our team is committed to your safety and comfort for every dental procedure. Dr. Tin is a member of many associations, such as the International Dental Implant Association and American Dental Association, so you can feel confident in his skills and experience.

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Why Healthy Gums Are Important for a Healthy Smile

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When we think about taking care of our smile, many of us think about taking care of our teeth. It makes sense! After all, our teeth are very visible. However, you can’t have a healthy smile without having healthy gums too, and here’s why.

A Healthy Foundation with Healthy Gums

Each of our teeth have a root that goes directly into our jawbone, but our gums also work to help keep those teeth in place. Additionally, the gums are like another protective layer for the tooth root and the bone. Without them those parts would be completely exposed to bacteria! That’s why when someone has receding gums, they’re more susceptible to cavities. Our gums work to protect our teeth, so we should be working to protect them too.

What Happens When We Don’t Care for our Gums

If we don’t make sure our gums are healthy with proper brushing and flossing, we increase our chances of developing gum disease. Gum disease can start off with swelling and bleeding, but if left to progress, it can cause bone destruction and tooth loss. Through the gums, bacteria can even enter our bloodstream and make its way to other parts of our body like our heart, increasing our chance of cardiovascular disease.

Promoting Gum Health in Elk Grove, CA

As you can see, healthy gums are important for a healthy smile so we shouldn’t neglect them! If you need some help getting your gums back to tip-top shape, contact Villa Vista Dental. We provide periodontal care, including deep cleanings. If your gums are looking good, we can help keep them that way with our routine exams and cleanings. Call or email us today to set up your next appointment!

Regular exams & cleanings & good oral hygiene prevent gum disease!

How Will I Know When To Replace a Filling?

Cartoon stating that fillings have been around 13,000 years.
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Cavities are quite common, and one of the main ways to treat them is with a dental filling. The decay is removed, and then a filling is used to literally “fill” that empty space and protect the tooth’s health and structure. Fillings can be made from different materials and that affects how long they last. On average though, fillings can last for about 15 years. So how will you know when it’s time to replace your filling?

The Filling Is Cracked

Let’s say you bite down on an ice cube too hard or you regularly grind your teeth at night and don’t have a nightguard. In both of these cases, it’s possible that your filling will get cracked. Sometimes you can literally see the crack, and sometimes you just start to notice extra sensitivity in that area. It’s important to replace the filling as soon as possible so that bacteria doesn’t enter through that little gap and cause tooth decay.

The Filling Has Fallen Out

If your fillings have experienced a lot of wear and tear, are old, or were poorly placed, it’s possible that the entire filling can fall out. In these cases, you may notice that your tooth surface doesn’t feel the same when you run your tongue over it because there’s a big gap where the filling used to be. You may even be able to see the space where the filling once was. You’ll want to replace that filling as soon as possible to keep that tooth protected from decay.

The Filling Is Discolored

Porcelain and composite resin fillings are designed to match your natural tooth color. Over time, it’s possible that porcelain or composite fillings may become stained or discolored. This is another sign that it may be time for a replacement. Amalgam fillings are silver in color which makes them noticeable. Some patients choose to replace them for this reason alone.

Composite Fillings in Elk Grove, CA

If you think it’s time to replace a filling, contact us at Villa Vista Dental. We provide dental fillings along with many other services to improve your oral health including same-day crowns, periodontal care, and more. We’re happy to help in any way that we can!

If your fillings need replacing, we offer composite, tooth colored fillings!

Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

Cartoon dental implant getting the tooth placed on the post.
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Missing teeth can affect both your confidence and your overall oral health. If you have missing teeth, it’s likely you’ve wondered whether dental implants might be right for you. Dental implants are a popular solution for people who have lost one or more teeth due to injury, decay, or other reasons. If you are considering dental implants, there are several factors to take into account to determine whether they are the right option.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are biocompatible posts that are placed into the jawbone and topped with a crown or bridge. They act like artificial tooth roots, providing a secure replacement base for the artificial teeth. Due to their natural appearance and lasting durability, dental implants are a popular tooth replacement option.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Unlike other tooth replacement options, dental implants look and feel just like your natural teeth. While dental implants improve the appearance of your teeth, they also have many other benefits.

  • Improving your speech
  • Relieving discomfort
  • Preventing jaw bone loss
  • Eliminating daily denture care
  • Improving your eating
  • Improving your oral hygiene

What to Consider Before Getting Implants

With all of their benefits, dental implants can seem like the right tooth replacement solution. However, there are several things to consider to know if dental implants are right for you. Candidates for dental implants should be in good general health, with healthy gums and adequate bone density in the jaw to support the implant. Your lifestyle and habits can also impact the success of dental implants. Dr. Tin will assess your oral health and habits to determine whether implants are a viable option. While implants are more expensive than other tooth replacement options, they also last longer and provide a more natural-looking and comfortable result.

Dental Implants in Elk Grove, CA

Dental implants require some time to heal before the tooth restoration is placed and your smile is complete. Most patients find that they are worth the wait. By considering your health, lifestyle, budget, and personal preferences, you can determine whether dental implants are the right option for you. We also offer various types of dentures as another tooth replacement option. Schedule a consultation with our team at Villa Vista Dental to learn about the different ways we can replace your missing teeth and restore your smile.

For most patients, dental implants are a great option for replacing missing teeth!

Handling Dental Emergencies at Home

Red dental emergency kit next to a model of an oversized tooth.

Dental emergencies can occur unexpectedly, even at home. Knowing how to handle dental emergencies at home can help you manage the situation until you can see Dr. Tin at Villa Vista Dental. Here are some helpful tips on how to handle common dental emergencies at home in case you find yourself with an urgent dental concern.


A toothache can be caused by many factors, including tooth decay, gum disease, and injury. The first step in handling a toothache is to rinse your mouth with warm water and floss around the affected tooth. If the pain persists, take over-the-counter pain medication such as ibuprofen. Applying a cold compress to the cheek can also help alleviate pain.

Broken Tooth

A broken tooth can be a painful and frightening experience. Rinse your mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress to the affected area to reduce swelling. If there is bleeding, apply gentle pressure with a piece of gauze. Avoid chewing with the broken tooth until your emergency dental appointment.

Lost Filling or Crown

If you lose a filling or crown, keep the affected tooth clean and avoid eating on that side of your mouth. Keep food out of the cavity by gently gargling with lukewarm salt water.

Abscessed Tooth

An abscessed tooth is a serious dental emergency that requires immediate attention. It can cause severe pain, swelling, and fever. If you suspect you have an abscessed tooth, rinse your mouth with warm salt water and apply a cold compress to the affected area. Seek emergency dental care as soon as possible.

Emergency Dentistry in Elk Grove, CA

Dental emergencies can be scary, but knowing how to handle them can help you manage the situation until you can see a dentist. Remember that these tips are temporary solutions. You should always seek professional dental care as soon as possible. If you are having a dental emergency, call our team at Villa Vista Dental for help!

Villa Vista Dental is your trusted office for emergency dental care!

Tips To Give Your Children Good Oral Health Habits

Cartoon of a child learning to brush his teeth at the dentist.
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As parents, we always want to set a good example for our children, whether it’s teaching them to speak politely or use good table manners. Another part of life where we want to give our kids the tools to succeed? Oral health! Here are some tips you can share with your family to help them learn how to take the best care of their smile.

Always Brush Before Bedtime

Getting your child ready for bed isn’t always an easy feat, even without adding toothbrushing into the mix. While it may be hard at first, make sure your child understands the importance of brushing their teeth before they go to sleep every night. The more often they do it, the easier it will become!

The Two-Minute Rule

Maybe your child knows that brushing their teeth every day is important but do they know how long they should be brushing? The standard recommendation is two minutes. Depending on how young your kid is, this may feel like an eternity. But if you make it fun by playing a two-minute song they can stick it out for, then they’ll get used to brushing for the right amount of time.

There’s Nothing Scary About the Dentist

Just like adults, kids should see the dentist twice a year for regular cleanings. When your child visits the dentist from a young age, it becomes part of their yearly routine. Besides the obvious advantage of better oral health, they also won’t grow up feeling afraid of dental offices. Hopefully the good habits they develop will continue into adulthood.

Family Dental Care in Elk Grove, CA

Contact Villa Vista Dental to schedule preventive care visits for your family. Let us know if you have any specific concerns. Dr. Tin and the rest of our friendly team are always happy to share advice that can make a difference in your child’s smile. We offer a wide range of services for the entire family to keep everyone’s mouth healthy!

Good oral health habits developed at an early age pave the way for a healthy smile!

Why Are Custom-Made Mouthguards Better Than Store-Bought?

Photo of a mouthguard to protect against sports injuries or bruxism.

Is your jaw sore when you wake up in the morning for no apparent reason? Do you often take an elbow to the mouth during your weekly basketball game? Did your kid get hit in the face with the ball last Saturday at their soccer game? These are just a few scenarios that indicate a mouthguard might be just the thing you need to manage a healthy, intact smile.Villa Vista Dental offers custom mouthguards in our Elk Grove, CA dental office. Read on to learn more about why custom mouthguards are even better than store-bought ones.

Why Would I Need a Mouthguard?

If you suffer from bruxism, or teeth grinding, you run the risk of chipping or breaking your teeth, which can cause decay. The causes of bruxism are varied, but it is typically caused by sleep apnea (a sleep disorder), bite issues, or stress and anxiety.

If you play a contact sport like hockey, football, basketball, soccer, rugby, lacrosse or boxing, you should wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth. However, there are many other sports where a mouthguard is a good way to prevent a dental emergency. Sports injuries are a common cause of tooth loss.

Custom Mouthguards & Nightguards

At Villa Vista Dental, we can create a custom mouthguard or nightguard specifically for your smile. These are different from a store-bought mouthguard, which may come in a standard size that doesn’t fit snugly over your teeth. Unlike boil and bite or one-size-fits-all mouthguards that are made from flimsy materials, our mouthguards are comfortable and sturdy enough for longtime use.

How Much Does a Custom Mouthguard Cost?

We do everything we can to make our treatments and services affordable for our patients at Villa Vista Dental. During your consultation, we will provide a detailed cost estimate of your treatment and help you select one of our flexible financing options to pay for it.

How Do I Care for My Mouthguard?

Caring for your mouthguard is simple — all you need to do is rinse and brush it after use. Allow it to completely dry before wearing it again.

Comfortable Custom Mouthguards in Elk Grove, CA

A custom mouthguard from Villa Vista Dental in Elk Grove, CA can protect your teeth if you suffer from bruxism or play a contact sport. Uncomfortable mouthguards rarely get used. Let us create a mouthguard that will fit your mouth and provide both comfort and protection! Contact us to schedule your appointment today.

Custom mouthguards protect your teeth from damage!

What Are the Benefits of Laser Dentistry?

Graphic showing a laser gum treatment.

Visits to our dental office are primarily to help you maintain or achieve stellar oral health. We strive to make our office as comfortable as possible. Having up-to-date dental technology is another way Dr. Tin strives to make his patients more comfortable and his treatments more effective. In recent years, laser dentistry has become part of this new style and has many benefits!

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry consists of high-powered lasers, with their own wavelength of light, that allow us to perform a variety of procedures. The benefits of laser dentistry include the following!

Laser Dentistry Minimizes Bleeding

Some dental procedures, like those associated with gum disease or decay, can cause bleeding. Laser dentistry utilizes highly concentrated light beams that cauterize as they cut. This results in less bleeding, both during the treatment and through recovery.

Laser Dentistry Can Reduce Dental Anxiety

One major benefit is that lasers are fast and effective for hard and soft tissue! Typically, this means that multiple areas can be treated simultaneously, which can reduce the amount of time the patient spends in the dental chair thus reducing dental anxiety.

Laser Dentistry Reduces Infection

Did you know that lasers sterilize the affected area during treatment? Because of this ability, there is a reduced chance of complications caused by the spread of bacteria. The risk of infection is also reduced.

Laser Dentistry Promotes Quick Recovery

The precision of a laser is something that might never be duplicated. Laser dentistry operates with such precision that there is often minimal trauma to the tooth, gum, and surrounding tissues. The laser only targets the treatment area, which can result in quicker recovery.

Laser Dentistry Is Minimally Invasive

Lasers function without the pressure or vibration that you may associate with most dental tools. They also eliminate the need for scalpels and stitches. That means that the patient is less likely to feel discomfort during and after the procedure.

Discover What Laser Dentistry Can Treat in Elk Grove, CA

Laser dentistry has many benefits! For example, it has revolutionized the treatment of gum disease. If you’re interested in laser dentistry for one of your treatments, schedule an appointment with Villa Vista Dental today. We’d love to go over your options.

Laser dentistry makes your dental treatment more comfortable!

How Long Do Dental Veneers Last?

Three smiling cartoon women with porcelain dental veneers.
Image by Authority Dental under CC 2.0

You can achieve a beautiful white smile with good oral hygiene and teeth whitening, but for a permanent transformation, veneers are the best treatment. These thin porcelain shells cover deep stains, small gaps, and other imperfections. How long do they last?

Do Dental Veneers Last Forever?

Because we remove a little bit of enamel from your teeth before placing veneers, the veneer process is permanent. We replace veneers when necessary, though if you take care of your teeth, you can expect veneers to last 15 years or more. Veneers don’t require any special care. Brushing, flossing, and regular cleanings at the dentist will keep your veneers in great shape.

What’s the Veneer Process Like?

We’ll first make sure you’re eligible for veneers. You need to be free from gum disease and tooth decay. Once we’ve determined your eligibility, we’ll discuss your smile goals and design your custom veneers. We can use the porcelain shells to lengthen uneven teeth, close small gaps, cover stains, and hide small chips and cracks. Next, we’ll shave a bit of enamel off your teeth so the veneers aren’t bulky. Impressions of your smile then get sent to a lab where your veneers are made. We’ll make sure they fit and then bond them to your teeth!

How Much Do Dental Veneers Cost?

The more veneers you get, the more expensive the treatment will be. Veneers are also a cosmetic service, which means your insurance provider may not contribute. We’ll always provide an accurate price estimate before beginning work. We also offer patient financing options to divide the cost into manageable payments. Because veneers are permanent, many patients are happy to invest in a smile transformation.

Dental Veneers at Villa Vista Dental in Elk Grove, CA

Dr. Tin and the team love helping patients get the smiles of their dreams. Whether you want all your front teeth covered with veneers or just a few, your smile will look stunning and natural. If you have questions or want to schedule a consultation for veneers, please contact us today!

Dental veneers can give you the perfect smile!