Why Are Digital X-Rays Better Than the Traditional Film?

Computer screen showing digital X-rays.

During your annual dental appointments, you may get X-rays taken to give your dentist a full picture of your oral health. In the past, dentists used film X-rays to get the job done. But today, many are opting for sleeker, quicker digital X-rays for their patients. Which one is better?

Why Do I Get X-Rays at the Dentist?

When it comes to your dental health, there’s plenty more than what meets the eye. You might have a crack in a tooth, a hard-to-see cavity, or impacted wisdom teeth that might not be growing straight. Or perhaps you might have a tumor or abscess or some sinus issues caused by dental problems. Dr. Ricky Tin can determine these and more by taking full X-rays of your teeth, gums and jaws to get a full picture of your dental health.

What Are Film X-Rays?

Film X-rays are traditional X-rays that are taken with a camera and developed on sheets of film afterwards. Film X-rays expose patients to small amounts of radiation.

What Are Digital X-Rays?

Digital x-rays use X-ray sensors instead of traditional photo film to generate detailed images of a patient’s body. Digital X-rays live on a computer or other device, allowing them to create more detailed, clear images versus film x-rays.

What Is the Difference Between Digital & Film X-Rays?

Digital X-rays produce more detailed, sharper images than film X-rays, allowing your dentist to detect even more from a single image than they could from a film X-ray. They also produce less radiation than film X-rays, making them safer. Plus, they take up less storage space (since they’re completely digital) and don’t require the use of environmentally unsafe chemicals to produce.

Comprehensive Dentistry in Elk Grove, CA

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Digital X-rays are safe and effective!