Gentle Anesthesia Delivery

At Villa Vista Dental, we provide anesthesia in an easy, gentle way thanks to The Wand® and DentalVibe® comfortable anesthesia delivery systems. These methods offer less painful alternatives to traditional syringes. They also accurately and effectively delivery local anesthesia without numbness to the surrounding area. We understand that many of our patients avoid the dentist because of dental anxiety and even fear. These options eliminate discomfort and allow for more stress-free appointments.

The Wand
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CEREC® Same-Day Dentistry

The revolutionary CEREC Omnicam system enables Dr. Tin to create and place crowns and other restorations in the very same visit—and all right here at Villa Vista Dental!

CEREC uses sophisticated digital imaging software to construct a 3D model of your damaged tooth. No messy impression trays, no waiting while the mold hardens—a few digital photos are all CEREC needs to create the perfect restoration for your smile.

We’ll then send the design specifications to our onsite milling unit, where your custom crown, onlay, or veneer will be fabricated right before your eyes. After only 15 minutes or so, Dr. Tin will place and polish your new restoration. You’ll be walking out of our Elk Grove dental office with a beautiful new smile in no time!

  • Accurate 3D imaging for precise results without the messy impressions
  • No uncomfortable plastic temporaries while your crown is sent off to a lab
  • Beautiful, natural-looking results in one easy appointment

Cerec Crowns
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Galileos® 3D Imaging

The Galileos technology is a high-technology diagnostic and treatment planning tool that we use as part of our one-visit dentistry. The Galileos machine is a digital cone beam X-ray scanner that is mounted to a mechanical arm, allowing it to take a complete image of your entire mouth in one pass. The image is then sent to our computer, and we can see various angles and views, including 2D, 3D, and even a panoramic image.

With the Galileos images, we can see bones, tissues, airways, and nerves, in addition to your teeth. This allows us to design a complete treatment plan that we know will leave you with a healthy mouth and beautiful smile before we even begin the procedure.

Cerec Crowns
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Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is not only more comfortable than traditional dental surgery—it’s also more convenient. The versatility of dental lasers enables Dr. Tin to perform many complex procedures in our Elk Grove dental office, so the days of referrals, specialists, and driving all over town to get the treatment you need are history.

Soft tissue lasers shorten the duration of almost any gum or soft tissue procedure that usually requires a scalpel and sutures. They are especially useful in managing gum disease, because the high-intensity laser energy has been proven to kill bacteria and promote the regrowth of soft tissue cells. Lasers also eliminate the need for scalpels and sutures, which helps to minimize pain and speed up the healing process.

Dr. Tin uses soft tissue lasers in deep cleanings, gum disease therapy, cosmetic gum reshaping (for "gummy smiles"), and even in the treatment of cold sores and canker sores.

Preventitive dentistry
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High-Tech Cavity Detection

The Spectra Caries Detection Aid uses a fluorescent camera to detect tooth decay long before it can be seen by the naked eye. When Dr. Tin catches a cavity early, he can usually place a smaller filling and preserve more of your natural tooth.

Digital X-rays

We use the handheld Nomad® digital X-ray device to ensure that you are exposed to the least amount of radiation possible. This light and portable device also enables us to complete the task quickly while still providing Dr. Tin with high quality images to use for diagnosing.

We also utilize panoramic (360°) digital X-rays at our Elk Grove dental practice, because many serious problems with the teeth and facial bones can’t be seen during a standard visual exam.

X-rays give Dr. Tin the ability to diagnose:

  • Small areas of decay between teeth
  • Cavities below existing restorations
  • Fractures, cracks, and structural abnormalities
  • Cysts, tumors, and abscesses in the soft tissues
  • Occlusal (bite) irregularities
Nomad Technology
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Intraoral Cameras for Education

Digital photographs taken with our intraoral cameras give us a clearer view of areas that can be difficult to see in a standard visual exam, especially the back molars. These high-resolution images are also a vital patient education tool, enabling Dr. Tin to show you exactly what he sees during your dental exam.

Electronic Charts

All of your private information will be safely stored in our secure computer systems, which means you don’t have to worry about papers getting lost or misplaced.  

Cleanliness & Safety

We abide by all ADA and OSHA standards to make our Elk Grove dental practice a clean and safe place for patients of all ages. Not only do we thoroughly sanitize each room between patients, but we also have a dedicated sterilization area where every instrument is disinfected prior to your visit. We even perform routine spore testing through an independent third-party laboratory to ensure that all of our sterilization equipment is working properly.

Preventitive dentistry
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Isolite: Less Time, More Comfort!

Isolite® is a technological breakthrough that will completely change the way you think about dental visits. Isolite’s soft, flexible mouthpiece lets you rest your jaw during treatment and protects your tongue and cheeks without the need for cotton rolls. It also illuminates your mouth from the inside, which gives your eyes a break from that bright overhead lamp and gives our team a clear, shadowless view of our workspace.The best part? Isolite’s self-aspirating mechanism makes rinse breaks a thing of the past.

Isolite Technology
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