Emergency Dental Care in Elk Grove, CA

Should you or someone in your household need to see a dentist in Elk Grove right away, our team at Villa Vista Dental has you covered! We provide efficient and effective emergency dental care for patients with a wide variety of symptoms. While our virtual contact form is convenient, please give our office a call to schedule an emergency visit with our team so we can be notified right away and have as much time as possible to prepare for your arrival.

What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is any dental issue that requires an immediate trip to the dentist or a same-day dental visit. These situations can include severe tooth pain, uncontrollable dental bleeding, or a cracked or dislodged tooth. As a patient, it’s not always easy to tell when you should see a dentist right away and when you can make a convenient appointment at a later date, which is why we recommend giving our office a quick call so we can offer personalized advice that is based on your unique situation.

What can I do for my tooth pain?

If you have a dull ache in one of your teeth that causes you discomfort, our team will definitely want to take a look at it, but it isn’t necessarily a dental emergency that requires immediate attention. There are a few home remedies you can try to relieve your tooth pain at home, like putting a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water and swishing it around your mouth for thirty seconds. You can also apply vanilla extract or garlic paste directly to the tooth to numb the pain. If your pain ever becomes severe, please contact us for an emergency appointment.

Is emergency dental care expensive?

At Villa Vista Dental, we never want patients to avoid coming to see us because they are concerned about cost. Your dental insurance may cover the cost of your emergency care if you are insured, and our office accepts FSAs, HSAs, and debit and credit cards as well. If you need to divide the upfront cost of your care, our office provides payment plans that go up to six months, and we also accept CareCredit® payment plans, which go up to twenty-four months with no interest. To learn more about your financial options, please contact us or visit our financial page.

Let us help you get back to a healthy smile!

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