Why Healthy Gums Are Important for a Healthy Smile

Cartoon of an elderly couple brushing their teeth in front of the mirror.
Image by Authority Dental under CC 2.0

When we think about taking care of our smile, many of us think about taking care of our teeth. It makes sense! After all, our teeth are very visible. However, you can’t have a healthy smile without having healthy gums too, and here’s why.

A Healthy Foundation with Healthy Gums

Each of our teeth have a root that goes directly into our jawbone, but our gums also work to help keep those teeth in place. Additionally, the gums are like another protective layer for the tooth root and the bone. Without them those parts would be completely exposed to bacteria! That’s why when someone has receding gums, they’re more susceptible to cavities. Our gums work to protect our teeth, so we should be working to protect them too.

What Happens When We Don’t Care for our Gums

If we don’t make sure our gums are healthy with proper brushing and flossing, we increase our chances of developing gum disease. Gum disease can start off with swelling and bleeding, but if left to progress, it can cause bone destruction and tooth loss. Through the gums, bacteria can even enter our bloodstream and make its way to other parts of our body like our heart, increasing our chance of cardiovascular disease.

Promoting Gum Health in Elk Grove, CA

As you can see, healthy gums are important for a healthy smile so we shouldn’t neglect them! If you need some help getting your gums back to tip-top shape, contact Villa Vista Dental. We provide periodontal care, including deep cleanings. If your gums are looking good, we can help keep them that way with our routine exams and cleanings. Call or email us today to set up your next appointment!

Regular exams & cleanings & good oral hygiene prevent gum disease!